The 3 W’s of skincare: What, When and Why?

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Date Posted: October 5, 2018
By Susie Santos

What are some common misconceptions about taking care of your skin? It’s so important to not only treat your skin with homecare but it’s important to know why you’re doing it. Too often people are spending money and time on skincare and not really understanding why their skin needs it. Here are some common misconceptions about skincare that I’ve come across throughout my time as a Skin therapist.

  1. My biggest pet peeve are exfoliating scrubs that have nut shells or scratchy particles.  They leave your skin soft but also leave behind microscopic cuts across your skin.  Like an ice rink before the zamboni.  Those products should just be used from the neck down.  Skin on your face is different, it’s delicate and sensitive.  By using those harsh products you could be causing more damage to your skin.  If you suffer from redness like rosacea you could be exacerbating the symptoms.  If you have acne, you could spread the bacteria further.  Look for products with jojoba beads or a digestive product that uses enzymes like pineapple and papaya to dissolve and dislodge oil from the skin.  A great one to try is our Tri Active Exfoliant by iS Clinical or Masque Peeling by La Biosthetique!
  1. Not all retinols are created equal.  Yes, there are some that are strong and can result in some downtime but unless you are on a program, it’s not necessary for all that peeling and flaking.  Most medical grade Retinols will be designed with that in mind so you can transition your skin and level up when necessary without looking like a snake shedding its skin.  “Slow and steady wins the race”. By easing your skin into retinol you will get better results. Starting off with a low percentage will get your skin acclimated/ adapted and allow your skin to adjust.  Now I know I just said that peeling and flaking is not necessary but, it is ok to look a little flush and have some dryness in some areas. That’s all part of the process. Retinol’s job is to stimulate collagen at the cellular level.  We call it collagen thickening. That means filling up the air mattress. Results from that will show a reduction in fine lines, refining of the skin and a luminosity throughout. With first time users, patients can go through some redness and dryness which is called a Retinoid reaction.  Stay in the game and just cut back the applications to every other day or every second or third day and work your way back up to daily. A key point to remember is that our skin already produces Retinoic acid naturally. When you apply retinol topically it has to convert twice before it gets fully absorbed.  This means that results will be slower but will be the gentlest way for our skin. Finding the right formula is the key to success. Many Pharmaceuticals will have a retinol in their collection. It’s in their formulations that will make you a fan of the line. Our top seller at Fluid is the Retinol SRX by RejudiCare Synergy, it’s ideal for all skins.
  1. “I only wear sunscreen in the summertime”  If that isn’t sacrilege I don’t know what is! Tsk, tsk, tsk, UV exposure is everywhere until the sun goes down.  It’s even more intense on overcast days. The light bounces off the clouds and can still reach us. The UVB rays may not be as strong but the UVA rays are.  Ever see that comparison of the grape to the raisin? Which would you want to be? Skin aging is influenced by many factors. Intrinsic or chronological aging is a result of our genetics, this is one you cannot escape.  Until there is a time machine skin product that can rewind our skin, we will continue to age. Photoaging or environmental exposure to UV light will bring about premature aging. This process results in hyperpigmentation, dilated blood vessels, even enlarged pores.  Wearing sunscreen should be looked at as a preventative product. These days Sunscreens are made so well, there’s no excuse to not wear it. It used to be that it was too thick or too white. Not anymore! With Science these days, micronized iron oxide has become the secret ingredient.  Textures have been improved to glide nicely over the skin. When patients would ask me what are the must haves in Anti-aging? I would always recommend SPF. Try out UV Daily SPF 40 by EltaMD, it contains Hyaluronic Acid!
  1. Getting on a regular routine for your skincare.  That could be coming in for monthly facials or using a nightly retinol at home.  Stay consistent with your skin schedule. Going in for that one off facial will not make a difference in your skin.  Sure, you’ll have glowing skin for a few days but that’s it. It’s keeping up with the maintenance is the secret. Regular facials let’s us get in there to clean your skin and you get the easy work at home maintaining it with your homecare.  Invest in your skin, commit and you will reap the benefits in the long run. If you book 6 mos out to see your dentist, you should book a month out to see your skin therapist. The esthetics culture has come a long way and treatments and products are a lot more attainable these days.  With amazing products producing amazing results and science progressing everyday, there’s no chance for wrinkles and fine lines.
  1. Patience is a virtue.  There are so many products that promise a facelift in a bottle. I love the one where they treat half the face with this magic serum and the other side is still saggy and drab.  If it took this long for your skin to age then don’t you think it’ll take some time to reverse some of that? Yes, there are products that will give you an instant glow and lift but it’s the long term effects that make the difference.  Patients would say to me, “it’s not working” or “I don’t see a difference”, keep in mind you see yourself everyday and look for your flaws everyday. We see you once a month and with the help of before and after pics, patients get to see first hand the side by side changes.  With continued use of most products you can get results within 8-12 weeks. Immediately, you’ll see a change in texture and brightness in the skin but after the first bottle is complete results get even better. So keep, keepin on!

Give us a call and get yourself on a skincare plan, we’d love to see you!

If it took this long for your skin to age then don’t you think it’ll take some time to reverse some of that?
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