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Date Posted: July 17, 2018
By Susie Santos

It’s wedding season…who am I kidding, nuptial madness now runs all year round!  It used to be where Spring and Summer were the peak times to get hitched.  With costs ever rising, Brides have evolved to the “Do it her-selfer”.  She is Savvy, Witty and Crafty!  Give her a glue gun and she can have that outdoor wedding arbor made in a jiffy! 

So your venue is booked and RSVP’s are coming in, when do you start your skin schedule?  Yes, make up and hair for the day is booked but what about getting your skin ready?  I normally like to see brides about 6 months before the wedding date.  That way we can get her monthly facials in before the big day and fit in any other services she’ll need in between. 

Here’s a Get Ready timeline from Month 1 – Month 6 (wedding month)

Month 1:

  • Book a Facial this month and begin any treatment programs for your skin concerns.

At Fluid Day Spa we offer both medical and spa facials that are great to target fine lines, pigmentation and even break out activity.  With Microdermabrasion as an add on, we can help smooth out and polish skin to allow a deeper treatment and HydraFacial has boosters that can lighten, tighten and brighten your skin!

  • Begin Laser hair removal treatments this month. If you can get in 5-6 treatments before the big day it will be smooth sailing, literally.  *Sunburn alert, if you are treating areas that will be exposed to the sun please make sure to protect with sunscreen all day everyday and avoid sun exposure while undergoing laser treatments.  In the first 1-2 days your skin may be a little pink and some follicular erythema may be present.  You’ll avoid hot showers or baths for those 2 days.  The next 5-10 days the dead hair shaft will begin to fall out.  PSA: DON’T PLUCK THOSE HAIRS OUT!  We need that hair intact so when we hit it again next month we can continue weakening the follicle, to reduce hair growth. 
  • Start waxing If you’ve always wanted to try a Brazilian then this is the month to start training your hair

Month 2:

  • Facial #2 this month and perhaps add a booster or a mask to change up your treatment. Depending on the time of year, skin can be drier and may need some more nourishment with a hydrating mask.  If you’re on a treatment plan, this is the month your esthetician can go a little more aggressive and get at those break outs
  • Follow up with homecare. Start on that skin brightening cream to help dim those brown spots.  Or if you’re over 30 get on that Retinol in the pm to thicken that collagen.
  • If your leg or bikini hair is longer than an eye lash it’s time to book that next wax appointment this month.

Month 3:

  • Facial #3, how did your skin react from the last treatment? If you had great results then we know we can do it again in a month or so to get JLo glow for the wedding day!  Keep this month’s facial  It’s nice to give your skin a break.  You’ve been maintaining at home now so coming in for regular facials is just keeping your skin on track.
  • If you’re getting laser hair removal, you should be seeing some good results at this point. Hairs will come out much finer and even lighter.  Some patients have even noticed that it takes longer for the hair to grow back.  Yay!

Month 4:

  • Facial #4, by this month your skin is soft and glowing like a baby’s bottom. Take this month’s treatment to relax, enjoy that facial massage.  Did you know facial massage has detoxifying benefits?  It encourages lymphatic drainage by de-puffing your eyes and sinuses.  Not only is massage great for relaxation it increases micro-circulation in skin, bringing forward more oxygen and gives you back those rosy cheeks.  It can soften some fine lines too! 
  • Indulge in a body massage, a clear head can also help with clear skin. You’re decluttering your pores, why not do the same for your mind.  Everyone knows weddings can be stressful and oxidative stress can manifest on the inside and outside.  Fluid Day Spa offers both relaxation massage and RMT.  Make it a date and have your MOH join you or your soon to be Hubby!
  • Get a refill on your skincare. Typically, products can last you about 4-6 months if using am and pm on a daily basis.  You’ll probably run out of cleanser first before anything else.  Ask for some samples so you can use them on your wedding night!

Month 5:

  • Facial #5, let’s do one more aggressive treatment like add in a Microderm to your chemical peel. This not only gets off the first few layers of surface skin cells, but now the peel can get in a little deeper  Think of microdermabrasion as a “penetration pathway” to the deeper layers of your skin.  Leaving behind a bright complexion.  So, if we’re treating pigmentation, ingredients have a faster chance at reaching the target since we’ve buffed away that first layer. 
  • Reduce coffee or tea this month to avoid staining your teeth. Or better yet come in to Fluid for teeth whitening, it only takes 20 minutes!

Month 6: It’s Wedding Month!!!  Eek!

  • Book your laser hair removal session in the early part of this month, at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. You want to leave yourself enough time for any redness to go down and hair to fall out.  If you get any pop up hairs, just shave those little stragglers.
  • Facial #6, this facial should be easy breezy, lemon squeezy with little to no extractions, so you don’t purge or have any reactions just before the event. Book this treatment about 1-2 weeks beforehand.  Ask for a sample of exfoliant and mask (one that you’ve tried before) and do the night before to get extra glowy for the next day!
  • Book your waxing appointments 1 week before to tidy up any facial or body
  • Book your mani/pedi a week before to get your nails #instabride ready
  • Cut back on salty foods to avoid bloating and drink water to keep body hydrated.
  • Get a good night’s sleep, you’re getting married tomorrow!!!

**This is just a guide, as everyone’s skin is different.  Consult your esthetician for a more customized treatment plan that’s best for you!

I normally like to see brides about 6 months before the wedding date. That way we can get her monthly facials in before the big day and fit in any other services she’ll need in between.
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